Psalm 139 (in eigen woorden)

Vorige week zondag daagde onze voorganger in de kerk ons uit om psalm 139 in eigen woorden te vatten. Op die manier komt de tekst dichterbij en wordt de psalm meer persoonlijk. Ik heb aan deze uitdaging gehoor gegeven en plaats vandaag mijn versie van psalm 139. Ik zit in een internationale kerk, dus de tekst is in het Engels.

Psalm 139

You know me
You know the things about me
that I dare not tell myself
You see me
You see the paths through life
where I try to keep the road
You hear me
You hear the words I whisper
when my dreams seem all too big

You know my heart and boast
You see my tears and cry
You hear my jokes and laugh

If I would try to escape your presence
(which I do not wish to escape)
I would not succeed
Not on the dark side of the moon
Not through the molten core of the earth
Not in the furthest nebula of the galaxy
Like a photo negative of a black hole
no darkness can escape
the pulling radiance of your light

I hide in silence and you find me
I hide in indifference and you find me
I hide in sullenness and you find me

You saw my first cell split and split again
You saw each cell differentiate and specialise
You saw the strands of DNA replicate
and genes turn on and off
And you saw that it was good

And then you powered my first brainwave
with the energy of yours

I praise you, because I am fearfully and wonderfully made

Teach me how to hate evil
Show me how to fight injustice
Tell me how to love my enemy

Know me
See me
Hear me
Teach me
Show me
Tell me
Walk with me

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